"The Next Level In Therapeutic Riding"

The Quest For Independent Riders

Sienna Stables Mission is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding and other equine-assisted activities.

What is Star?

To become a Sienna Stables Star Rider you need to be able to:

  1. Have a desire to ride independently and enjoy a lifelong skill of riding
  2. Expand your Horsemanship experience
  3. Be able to mount from the mounting block with assistance
  4. Ride with the assistance of their Team Captain [leader] and no more than one Team Mate [ side walker]
  5. Commit to weekly lessons
  6. Participate in at least 1 Horse Show at Sienna Stables per year.

Sienna Stables Star Riders will:

  1. Meet their Team at their horses stall and assist in grooming, tacking and leading their horse to the arena
  2. The Rider will also assist in returning the horse to their stall, un-tacking and putting tack away.

The Program will meet weekly, rain or shine. In case of inclement weather we will hold a ground lesson in the office to cover Horsemanship knowledge.

Cost: $199 per month

contact: or call 281-778-7433

Amazingly positive results are obtained using the spirit and movement of the horse. The teamwork of the horse, rider, volunteers and instructor creates miracles every day. Individuals with almost any mental, physical and/or emotional disability can benefit from equine-assisted activities.

The physical and emotional benefits of horseback riding have been known for several hundred years. The movement of the horse provides sensory stimulation to the body and brain of the rider that affects a variety of muscle groups. The pelvic movement of the horse reproduces the proper motion of the human pelvis at the walk. For people who have lost that natural movement, or have never had the benefit of this stimulation, horseback riding serves to "inspire" their bodies to achieve this normal motion and improve coordination. In addition, the warmth of the horse's body and its rhythmic movements help stiff or spastic muscles to relax, much like rocking soothes a crying baby.


  • Improving gross and fine motor skills
  • Experiencing the three-dimensional movement of the horse's gait that cannot be duplicated in a clinical setting
  • Improving balance and posture
  • Stimulating the cardiovascular system
  • Normalizing muscle tone
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Improving social interaction skills
  • Increasing the ability to follow directions
  • Developing sequencing abilities

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