Sienna Stables offers Pasture Board. We have 20 acres of beautiful, tree filled, small group turnouts with 8 feet high fencing (which makes it safe for horses),  Each turnout pasture has a 100 gallon water tank and is float fed.  Horses are checked on twice a day, and owners have access to our entire facility including 2 covered & lighted arenas and 2 outdoor & lighted arenas. 

Every Wednesday we have a Farrier on-site, and 2 mobile vets can come to the facility as needed. 

We have a 5 wash rack and our office has 3 air conditioned bathrooms.

 Pasture Board $299.00/per month

  • Shaded Turn-Outs with 8' Game Fencing
  • 100 Gallon Tank Automatic Watering Systems in each turn-out
  • Quality Supplemental Coastal Hay Provided when needed


 Pasture board is where your horse lives outside in a fence enclosed area with other horses.  There are several benefits to pasture board including the great price.

Healthier Feeding Atmosphere

Horses can graze all year long. This makes for a more natural feeding atmosphere for horses.  They can pick away at meals gradually, and graze which means pasture board horses are likely to almost always have food in their stomachs. This is an important factor in reducing the chances of colic and helping to prevent the development of ulcers. Pasture board can result in a healthier digestive system for your horse.

Increased Activity

When horses have continuous access to a pasture, they can move around as much as they like. Movement is good for horses. It helps to prevent obesity, and the act of moving increases the circulation in a horse’s hooves. Additionally, moving regularly  helps to keep their digestive system functioning properly.


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